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Our Mission

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We are setting out to change the trajectory of college graduation and employment rates for students with learning differences vs. their neurotypical peers who are equally as intelligent.  We are doing this by building a community of graduates with learning disabilities who share in-depth testimonials of colleges, programs, and careers with high school students. 


Through reviews of gap year programs, 2 & 4-yr colleges, vocational schools, military, apprenticeships and jobs, students gain insider information that enables them to determine the right fit for them. They learn that there are many different paths for each of us, and they can collaborate with their parents/ guardians and high school guidance team.


We have an anonymous (yet verified) user base which encourages honest participation. Students are able to directly message alumni to ask specific questions. Students within schools and programs can collaborate as well.  


Pathlitics paves the way for students to be in the driver's seat in their transition planning. They are in good company along their journey. 

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Our goal is to bring significant change

Please provide your info if you are interested in using Pathlitics for your school or your student. Alumni, please sign up to be a Pathlitics Inspirer.

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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