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Post-secondary navigator for neurodivergent students

What’s your plan after high school? 

Be inspired by young adults who learn differently.

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Students / Families

Explore future options that align with your passions, needs, strengths, etc.

Review first-hand testimonials shared by recent high school graduates and professionals.


Connect with alumni and others through 1:1 messaging or micro-community boards to get answers you’re seeking, all while retaining your privacy and anonymity.


Manage your list of options to pursue while collaborating with your High School team.


High Schools

Extensive database and transition planning platform to search college, gap year, vocational and other programs to meet students' varied needs.

Effectively collaborate with students in creating their transition plans.


Facilitate connection opportunities for students and alumni who share similar profiles / interests.


Capture alumni pathways and strengthen relationships with alumni.

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High School Counselor

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This seems like a perfect combination of Niche and the K&W Guide. This is exactly what we need and it will be very helpful to our parents and students.

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Inspire and offer advice to students with LDs, including those at your alma mater.


Network with others in your current school or program, while retaining your privacy and anonymity.


Explore future careers or programs and connect with others.

college students:

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Thank you for creating such a platform for students like myself. This truly means a lot! 

University of Richmond student

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Pathlitics is something that would have helped me a ton in my college decision-making process. 

University of Washington, Neurodiversity Group leader

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A hub for neurodivergent students and the professionals who support them

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Guidance Counselors & Partners

  • Transition plan with students

  • Capture alumni pathways and strengthen alumni relationships

Locked Key indicated privacy of personal information.

Privacy is key. All users are anonymous,
verified by a partner.


  • Explore future options (2-year, 4-year, vocational, work, etc) that align with your true north

  • Connect with alumni in colleges, programs, or careers


  • Share your insights into programs and pathways

  • Collaborate with peers in your current environment

  • Research future steps

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A neurodiverse community that  helps each other unlock success. 


Interested in learning more? 

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